Email newsletters and a communication strategy

Our daily email newsletter as somewhat slipped from my radar recently. I crammed it full of content a while back waiting for some feedback, but never got any, so it dragged on, all messy and bloated.

I’m signed up to a few email newsletters, and one obvious problem is the signal to noise ratio, too much to read and keep up with thus losing the focus of your audience, so sometimes emails just drift down into the depths of your inbox.

The key is making them stand-out, more memorable, unique, niche content will help, but if nothing else give them exclusive content or a chance to win free stuff, without making that the sole unique selling point.

So I’m planning on stripping it right back, less is after all more online, hoping some clarity and less noise might entice a few readers to pass it on to friends and increase the audience.

Newspaper websites cannot standstill, waiting patiently in their ivory domain named tower for visitors to arrive, they must explore the neighbouring worlds and communities, and find constructive efficient ways of getting their message out.

As part of a set strategy of communicating out and interacting with your potential audience, because they won’t all come to you, however clear your brand is online or however good your SEO is.

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