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Live blogging experiences

I’ve had good experiences with the Cover It Live live blogging tool, including a  couple of live blogs this week on our football team Peterborough United‘s manager Darren Ferguson’s departure from the club, plus Q & A’s which were positive and gained a reasonable viewer numbers and overall audience figures.

Having a clearly defined subject or guest who’s happy interacting online are an advantage as is spreading the word on and offline a week before – having a few questions ‘in the bag’ is the key to a speedy start on the day.

I want to use it for breaking news and events coverage when opportunities arise, just trying to get more of the newsroom team involved.

Stephanie Romanski talks about her experiences with CiL, running a daily chat on her local newspaper site blog. But resource is a big issue, and unless you have a strong subject or keen interactive following; or you’ve hooked a contented advertiser, its just not viable too often.

Stephanie has plans for an ‘ask the independent’ liveblog, potentially full of great content and interaction.

And yes I hate being negative, years of not being able to do or try new ideas or methods have worn me down somewhat, but things need to fall in to place for these ideas to flourish in the current climate of local online newspapers. But thankfully there are plenty of people pushing the boundaries and getting stuck in. The future hopefully looks brighter.

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