Modern journalism: the same but different

Following a Press Gazette report:  Editors: ‘Traditional skills more important than new media’, which caused much discussion in the comments and on social media, here are some thoughts:

The essence of journalism and storytelling hasn’t changed, accuracy, honesty, truthfulness and quality of content are clearly vital. Newsrooms have changed, sometimes even become a laptop or just a smartphone.

The process of finding, creating, editing and publishing has and continues to evolve.

Choosing the right questions to ask in an interview hasn’t changed, but the process has: whether you do it face to face, via Skype or Twitter. Journalists have to be able to understand the basics of social media interaction as an extension of traditional communication methods.

This together with other digital media skills as elements of being a modern journalist, alongside spelling, accuracy, understanding data and online search skills, photo- and videography, also coding, developing a blog or CMS.

Essentially there are many variations of ‘journalist’ in the digital age. Creating, editing, publishing stories/content/information. But all based on the core and objectives of news storytelling, there is no nailed down career route or narrow skillset.

“@knightlab: For journalists, web literacy is not quite enough Inspired by the people and ideas at #MozFest.”

Just focus and learn to tell stories people should or want know about. So go get me pictures of Spider-Man!


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