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Twitter, journalists and their audience – managing expectations

There are expectations from and of Twitter (as well as other social platforms) now for journalists, newsrooms and their growing audience of followers.

The process of understanding social media strategies and management is ongoing as we all get to grips with what works and doesn’t.

But on the ground, all journalists should feel comfortable using Twitter and know how to use it whether at a desk or via mobile device linked along with useful additional tools either in-browsers or apps, security is also important.

There aren’t too many technical skills required, but training, support and sharing of best practices and standards (always aim as high as any other medium) in this emerging new news/communication landscape is essential, here’s my post: Get more value from Twitter – tips, tools and ideas

Newsrooms should have strategies in place so that everyone knows their responsibilities for checking, managing and interacting via their own and team accounts and importantly what any objectives of the accounts are.

But there are expectations from the audience, and as the follower numbers grow, so do the expectations.

Should journalists/news accounts be manned ’24 hours’ or ‘out of office hours’ or if only ‘manned’ during office hours, this needs to be communicated out via ‘home time’ tweets.

The subject of timed tweets causes debate, but I would say careful, occasional use has more benefits. Bascially, rule 1 woulod be ‘never time a tweet where major details could change’.

Big stories should get a repeat airing because people’s social streams can move by pretty fast, and as the NYT say via Nieman Lab article on newsroom tips ‘If a tweet worked once, send it again’

It will inevitably depend on time and resource, but the benefits of a clear team strategy and advanced skills and tools will make all the difference.

See also a recent find: ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media’ by

I have embellished this ramble with links… thank you for your patience. Any feedback appreciated.


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