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Using Google Forms for shopping habits survey

As part of JP-wide campaign to highlight and encourage independent retail in print and online, “championing our independent businesses with our Shop Local, Eat Local, Play Local campaign“, there was opportunity to engage our local audience and gaining some real insight into Peterborough shopping habits.

For the Peterborough Telegraph I put together a story linking through to an online survey to find indie shopping habits in Peterborough.

I had great collaborative input and feedback on the survey questions from Rachel Parkin, Nyree Ambarchian and John Baker.

The survey has had over 100 responses so far, we will publish the result findings soon.

I kept the survey – produced using using Google Forms (very easy to produce and manage in my experience) – fairly generic and succinct in content to encourage users to finish it, and so that it could potentially be replicated elsewhere across our group.

The key I felt was making it long and detailed enough to gain qualitiative data, but short enough not to put people off completing it.

I also created a unique Bitly link for the form, so I know that 253 people have to date (8 April) visited the survey, and 113 people completed the form, so not a bad response rate.

Shop Local survey story screenshot
Screenshot of a web story for an online survey to find indie shopping habits in Peterborough

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