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Notes and quotes on #ijf14 and the future of journalism

Notes on tweeted quotes from the International Journalism Festival in Perugia , Italy, 1-2 May 2014:

On accuracy and verification

We need to be moving past just tweeting stories, and whilst live updating is a great service, it sometimes needs context and clarity. And as has always been the case for journalism verification is at the heart of what makes it through to being published. In the first instance, just contact the source:

Fergus Bell from the AP talking about about verification processes, via Martin Belam’s post on the subject:

“The quickest verification on a breaking news story happens when someone still has the device in their hand.”

UGC and crediting supplied content

Start simple when someone sends or shares something interesting or newsworthy, retweeting is quick and simple, but there are pitfalls.

Is it too good a story to be true? Then it probably is. Who are they, where are they from, what else have they written/tweeted about? And if it’s legit, always credit them or the source webpage, we do the same with quotes:

On communities and engagement

It’s give and take regarding online communities, much can be gained from listening and monitoring, and you will get interaction from just being a news organistation.

But even more stories, comments and content are out there with the right input and human contact from journalists:

On the future of digital news and journalism

The legacy of old media still weighs heavy on staff and resource of newsrooms around the globe, it can’t be ignored, its as important a publishing platform and product as any, but it can no longer be an excuse for change and looking forwards to what audiences want and what news orgs can do in a digital future:


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