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How to get more out of Google Chrome in the newsroom

I’ve been using Google Apps in my current job for a while now, and I’ve tried to make the most of having Chrome as a main browser.

Here are some good reasons to get into the habit of logging in to Chrome every morning and installing a couple of extensions to work more efficiently…

Login to Chrome via the 3 horizontal bars, top-right, go to > Settings > “Sign in to Chrome”…this will load your saved bookmarks, settings and any extensions each time.

And here is a list of suggested extensions and web apps worth installing for Chrome if you work in  newsroom or, frankly, any digital media role:

Efficient browsing

Screenshot of Bitly sharing in Google Chrome
Example of sharing links via Bitly in-browser
  • Awesome Screenshot – capture tweets, grab websites that might disappear, examples of our own website issues.
  • Bitly – logs you in to your link shortening account automatically, one-click to get a short URL/or share straight to specific accounts, see example screenshot, right.
  • Gestures for Google Chrome – navigate more quickly using mouse strokes.
  • AddThis – share the page to various services & bookmark.
  • Grammarly Spell & Grammar Checker – erm, checks your spelling & grammar.
  • Classic Retweet – lets you retweet allowing you to edit the tweet and add a comment.
  • OneClick Cleaner for Chrome – speeds up browser by clearing memory/cache after a busy morning/few hours.


  • Edit in Pixlr [WebApp] – for simple or advanced online photo editing with more tools, similar to Photoshop > open an image in Pixlr using mouse right-click, make simple edits, crops or use more advanced tools including blurring.
  • 2 extensions to help find the origin of an image:
    Search by Image (by Google)
    TinEye Reverse Image Search

Advanced tools

ExtensionSocial Analytics – shows interactions for the page you are on on most social platforms, likes, shares, tweets etc.

More suggested lists:


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