So I’m off Twitter for the foreseeable future on my personal account. ‘Account suspended’. No clear idea why. A Twitter mystery. A Twistery if you will. Or not.

Update, 1 January: Well as quickly and mysteriously so was off Twitter, my account is back up and running 18 hours later. No explanation as yet… Although I don’t seem to be the only one

So on Tuesday night (30 December) I’d sent a few tweets, nothing out of the ordinary, had been relatively quiet over the festive period. Nothing I would imagine that contravenes any Twitter rules.

Yet not long before midnight, the message popped up on my iPhone app: “Your account has been supported”. Oh. This morning it shows I’m not following anyone and have 0 followers – hoping that won’t be permanent?

I’ve appealed the decision with the Support team, but it could take a few days to resolve according to the information I read on account suspension.

Looking through the Twitter rules, all I can imagine is I’ve inadvertently tweeted/retweeted something that contravenes copyright or some private information, that’s the most logical issues I can see.

It’s just baffling, and would be nice if Twitter would clarify the reason for suspension more quickly.

It’s not come at a great time personally, as I had some news to share and my account will become more important in the New Year, but more of that in another post.

I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous – or just plain positive 2015. Hopefully tweet ya later…


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