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Scheduling social media updates

Automated tweets and social media updates can be part of a healthy, nutritious and realistic publishing strategy.

I use scheduling as a small part of my strategy because I can’t be on social duty 24/7 and lobbing out a rapid volley of updates does you or your content no favours.

I tend to vary the timings of any scheduled news tweets…

But when to schedule?
Find out when your social followers are most active and when your website traffic peaks.
There will be obvious day/night, weekday/weekend variations, plus plan for public holidays and big national news and sport events that may grab a decent portion of your audience’s attention.

As for specific times, ‘on the hour’ and half-hour seem a likely time-clash with other news media. Particularly during morning and evenings when people are more likely checking in our catching up with other media.
Or let services like Buffer article on TechCrunch do the work for you and manage scheduling.

Just be aware not to overdo the scheduling and I’d advise against risking timing an update and/or link to a story that has any potential to change by the time to update is published. Not worth the risk to your credibility.

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