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5 things journalists should be doing with Twitter now (if you’re not already)

Here are five things journalists should be doing with Twitter now (if you’re not already) that I’ve learned during my time as digital editor for a local news operation that have served me well-ish.

  1. Use Twitter lists – they’re not well highlighted by Twitter, but they’re a hidden gem for journalists.
    Once you’ve got the ball rolling and started compiling them they can help focus on topics or communities/patches, particularly useful when stories break.
    E.g. I’ve a simple one for local travel and emergency services for when the weather goes bad or an accident occurs.
  2. Follow @magicrecs account – will flag up accounts or tweets that are gaining a lot of followers or activity on your network, have found it very relevant and useful.
  3. Be ready to screenshot important tweets as evidence – get yourself setup at work/on the move to be able to grab screenshots and back them up/share them with colleagues quickly.
  4. Learn how to use the advanced search – finding tweets by location, time, exclude and filter your results – see more tips from Social Media Examiner, on this Hootsuite blog post, and Twitter’s own advanced search tips
  5. Be realistic but consistent in your social media strategy. You don’t need to be checking it 24/7, but set yourself up with an advanced Twitter app on your phone, e.g. Hootsuite, or for iOS only: Tweetbot or Tweetlogix and set yourself check-in times that correspond with peak activity and get saved searches and Twitter lists to help you whizz through monitoring and managing your Twitter-life .

A bonus tip (that should be obvious, but we’ve all had our moments), but if a tweet or account looks too good to be true, it most likely is…

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