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Tweeting the news: automation vs personalisation

Updated 26 January: Automation works for some news publishers’ tweets and moreso if story headlines have been tweaked for a Web audience, but personalising them can improve their shareability: “Optimising tweets according to social channel and audience with tone of voice, variation in content and plenty of images are proven ways to drive more engagement” by Christopher Ratcliff in the Econsultancy article:
From How The Guardian became the most tweeted UK newspaper, Laura Oliver, UK social and communities editor speaking to said ‘automation is a way for the Guardian to stay on top of the numerous stories it publishes, while at the same time allowing the team to explore different sharing options and presenting stories in different ways.’
With the help of their in -house analytics tool Ophan, Oliver continued: “It’s important for us to understand what type of stories and issues repeatedly perform well when we share them on Twitter or when they are picked up and posted by readers.”
There’s no point having an automation strategy (which clearly benefits resource-stripped news teams) without some sort of monitoring or quality control that might lead to tweaking when and how you share automatically vs the more hands-on human sharing which can react to a fast-changing news environment or audience demand.


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