How am I driving?: See your Twitter analytics

If you’ve not seen, Twitter users now have access to their own activity data in browser and mobile apps, and very useful live statistics they are too:

An example of the  Twitter Analytics ‘Home’ tab showing an overview of your Twitter activity.

From your Twitter in Web browser mode, select your profile icon drop-down, then choose ‘Analytics‘ – the Twitter bods have tinkered with the layout over time, you now have an overview on a ‘Home’ tab before you delve into more detail. Here you can view your most successful tweets in terms of impressions, engagement plus monthly summaries..

From the top navigation, see your ‘Tweets’ for recent tweet stats and engagement figures on the right, or choose ‘Audiences’ to  show a breakdown of your following by interest, location, gender. Twitter Cards and Videos are also included if you use them.

You can also track ad and app conversion rates although I’ve not used them, so have no evidence to show.

The Tweets tabe will give you the impression or views, and number of user engagements and a % rate.

You can choose various date ranges and comparisons, and select from the last 18ish months of data.

This can also be seen on individual tweets on mobile Twitter app, by opening an individual original tweet and below the content, clicking ‘VIEW TWEET ACTIVTY’ to reveal live similar stats for that tweet.


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