Photos: 2017 cricket season under changing skies

A photo story about playing cricket in England and the beauty of our weather.

Cricket under leaden skies, Peterborough Town batting at Great Houghton CC, Northamptonshire, 20 May 2017.  View on Instagram –

Foreboding skies above Bretton Gate for cricket with Peterborough Town CC, May 2017. View on Instagram:
First outdoor nets of the cricket season for Peterborough Town CC at Bretton Gate, April 2017. View on Instagram:
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newsrewired snapshots for digital journalists: fake news war, live video, data vis, and robots

I wasn’t at the news:rewired digital news conference yesterday, 8 February, but the updates were so excellent, and adding to a timeline in Twitter Moments was surprisingly easy.


A January 2017 photo gallery: sunshine, roses, pine cones and artistic fly-tipping

Images from Instagram, January 2017, mostly involving sunrises, sunsets, roses, and things found lying on the ground. And you can decide whether there is one showing some attractively lit fly-tipping, or whether it is some clever postmodern art. 

All shot using my iPhone SE, normally the regular camera but occasionally Camera+, with editing, and in almost all cases some filters using the excellent Snapseed app.

Beautiful sunny morning in Peterborough. With a strong chance of brrrrr #reflection

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Who doesn't love a bit of sunset car washing?

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Nice of the 🌤️ to make a reappearance…

from Instagram:

Roses filter experiment #1

from Instagram:

Roses are pink, erm, that’s not right

from Instagram:

Found in Orton Longueville Wood, Peterborough

from Instagram:

The working week fading from view over Cathedral Square, #Peterborough #hometime

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A clear and frosty sunrise over River Nene from Town Bridge, Peterborough #sunrise #reflection #water #rivers

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On the way back from picking up fish & chips for dinner. Presuming this is some local art installation?

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Turning up the blue this morning 🌞 #sunrise

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Facebook not a publisher, but with 1.8bn users comes responsibility

An introduction from a Business Insider article:

“Axel Springer CEO Mathias Döpfner sat down with Andreas Dietrich of the Swiss publication Blick and discussed the issue of fake news and Facebook’s part in it.

“Döpfner believes Facebook should not have to sort out hoaxes from real news because it is a distributor of news — not a publisher.” Read more at

Facebook is indeed, not directly a news organisation, and clearly dealing with the sources of fake or ‘alternative’ news would be the ultimate solution.

But to ignore the amount of ‘news’ being posted, shared, and commented on by such a huge social network without acknowledging and taking some basic responsibility in blocking factually incorrect stories would be letting down it’s user base to say the least.

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Apps for taking control and exporting your iPhone ‘Live Photos’

Have enjoyed using the Live Photos feature on the iPhone (models 6 and above), creating short little animated clips alongside a photo still.

There’s only one main drawback, in that outside of Apple’s world, you can’t simply download the file as video, they don’t appear as video files on your device. A minor irritation of being locked into Apple’s world. I see great use for journalism as well as family events.

But a few weeks ago I spotted an app Motion Stills (A Google creation) for outputting them as video files or looping GIFs, also the ability to compile multiple clips into a longer clips. Get Motion Stills here from iTunes.

A post inspired by video storytelling expert Robb Montgomeryhighlighting a similar appwhich lets you easily export the Live Photo files as videos, GIFs and grab frames from the clips – plus it’s only a 6MB file size, compared to Motion Stills 33MB.

But both are handy tools if you are using LPs regularly.